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Silicone nipple shields
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Silicone nipple shields

cat. no.: 823/M




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Description of the product

Silicone nipple protectors protect sensitive nipples from irritation during breastfeeding. Delicate and soft silicone perfectly imitates the skin, thanks to which the child has a sense of direct touch.

The protectors effectively support breastfeeding when the baby is having difficulty sucking. They also work well with flat or inverted nipples that make it difficult for your baby to catch them properly. They are also recommended for women who have a problem with excessive flow of food

The protectors do not change the taste and smell of milk, and they are BPA free.

Their contoured shape makes it easy to fit to the breast. The packaging comprises a protective case.

Technical properties

  • made from soft and delicate silicone
  • profiled anatomic shape perfectly adapts to the shape of breasts
  • protect sensitive nipples from irritation during breastfeeding
  • support breastfeeding in the case of problems with sucking
  • accelerate wound healing
  • give the child a sense of natural breastfeeding
  • BPA-free
  • do not change the smell and taste of milk
  • the set includes 2 protectors and a case
  • Material: 100% silicone,Protector dimensions: diameter 21 mm, height 25 mm


packaging size

11,5 x 10 x 5,5

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