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Terry baby wash mitt
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Terry baby wash mitt

cat. no.: 167/02




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Description of the product


Our FROTTE washcloth is made of a top-quality softand real 100% FROTTE cotton. Its soft fibers will notirritate your baby's sensitive skin.
The handy glove will perform well while you arebathing a baby and while you are washing its handsand face throughout the day.

You can supply the washcloth with our FROTTE towelto create a beautiful baby care set.

Washing recommendations: do not use fabric softeners, wash at 40° C; pre-wash issuggested before you start using the product.


Our washcloth is made of a 100% top-quality real frotte cotton, bothfrom the outside and inside. It is exceptionally thick - as many as 330g/m2. Thanks to this, you can be sure you are buying a natural,hypoallergenic as well as very soft and fluffy product that remainsrelaxing and does not irritate your baby's soft skin.


Babyono bath glove is truly large. One of the largest on themarket. It can easily fit a female and male palm. Thanks tothis, both parents can bathe their baby with ease.


A washcloth hook will let you hang the glove on therail in the bathroom. Thanks to this, your washclothwill always be easily accessible, while a suitable aircirculation will cause the product to go dry quickly.

Technical properties

  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Basis weight: 330 g/m2
  • Intended for babies from their first days of life (0m+)
  • 5 colors available
  • washer dimensions: 12 x 22 cm


packaging size

14 x 23

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