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Reusable food pouch 150ml 5pcs
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Reusable food pouch 150ml 5pcs

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Description of the product

A reusable baby food pouch can be used at home and while going for a walk.
It is the only product that holds an expandable bottom allowing you to safely place it in a vertical position. Thanks to a large and easy-to-refill hole, the pouch becomes very handy. It can be easily refilled and washed.
A dual grip seal provides an effective protection against spilling.
Our pouch is an environmentally friendly companion for excursions and perfect match when your baby learns to eat on its own.



Our baby food pouches are reusable. You can easily clean or dishwash them.
The set contains five 150-ml pouches.


Thanks to a dual grip seal, the content of the pouch is safe.
As opposed to other products of this sort, the seal in our pouch is located at the top. You can therefore be sure that no food will be spilt.


The baby food pouch bottom is expandable. This proves very convenient as the wide bottom allows you to position the product vertically with no risk of collapsing and spilling.


We have thought about your comfort.
Thanks to a large hole in a baby food pouch, you can easily fill the bag in even with a spoon.


The pouch can also be used by the baby that learns to eat on its own. The product is capacious and easy to hold, while a large top makes twisting easier.


Safety first.
The baby food pouch is made of food contact materials. It is BPA-free.

Technical properties

  • The pouch can be washed in the dishwasher
  • The box contains 5 pouches
  • Pouch capacity: 150 ml
  • Weight: 0.01 kg (1 pouch)
  • pouch dimensions 12 x 12,5 cm


packaging size

14 cm x 18 cm

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