A child, like every human being, has its bad days and a bad mood. Stress accompanies toddlers as well as adults, so it is worth making sure that your child is surrounded by things that will relax and calm them down. What toys fulfil this function? Below you will find our suggestions that always work.

Cot carousels − is it worth it?

Cot carousels are one of the most popular calming toys that help many parents in times of crisis. They not only calm down, but also put children to sleep. You can choose from many types, so you will surely find one that your child will like. If your child reacts lively, e.g. to airplanes and likes to look at the sky, choose the Planes cot carousel with a music box. The sounds coming from the toy are also important. They must attract the child and calm them down. Sometimes children do not like certain melodies of a carousel and then the toy has the opposite effect than expected. Therefore, it is worth carefully checking the child’s reaction not only to the hung elements, but also to sounds.

Timeless cuddly toys

Cuddly toys, of course, are a proven way to calm your baby down. It is worth giving your child a few teddy bears, rag dolls or other stuffed animals to choose their favourite one. It often happens that a child chooses the most inconspicuous proposal that parents do not understand. However, the opinion of the caregivers does not matter, because the child is to create a certain relationship with the cuddly toy and treat it as the best friend. Most children have such a soft toy and take it everywhere with them. Interestingly, repeatedly showing a beloved teddy bear turns out to be one of the few ways to soothe a child in a moment of agitation. In the case of cuddly toys, you can also choose modernity − a good example is the Hugo projector cuddly toy. The multifunctional toy can also be used as a bedside lamp or a music box with melodies. The pleasant appearance and the applied solutions will make Hugo your child’s best friend!

Every parent’s mobile friend − a toy with vibration

The last option are vibration toys which are a combination of a soft toy, an interactive hanging toy and a carousel. These types of proposals are a great solution because they are mobile. Thanks to this, you can take them with you everywhere − for a walk, to your family, to a party, and even to the shop or bus. They also usually have a clip that can be attached to a stroller or cot. Their phenomenon is that their appearance resembles typical stuffed animals, e.g. SOFIA THE OWL vibrating toy has the form of an owl, but it has something more up its sleeve. For some reason, children are very fond of all vibrating objects, and being able to cause vibration on their own gives them a lot of fun. Therefore, if you need something that will catch your child’s attention or you are looking for a gift idea, this product will surely hit the spot.

Don’t forget about your child’s needs. Provide your child with toys that will not only develop their skills, but also calm them down.