The right bag is one of the first things new mums reach for. It is indispensable even during short walks to the park or visits to friends, but it is especially useful during longer trips. What bag should I choose to be perfect for every occasion?

What to pay attention to when choosing a mum’s bag?

When choosing a mum’s bag, first of all, focus on what you need and what will be the most comfortable for you to use. The most important aspects that women talk about are:

  • Capacity − every mum’s bag should contain a lot of things. When you go out with your baby anywhere, you need to take nappies, wet wipes, a blanket, rattles, teethers and many other things with you, so it’s worth choosing a model that will easily accommodate them all.
  • Number of compartments − there must be a lot of them, because it greatly facilitates your organisation. If your bag is in order, it will be much more convenient for you to take care of your baby anywhere you go.
  • Strap length − it’s best to choose an adjustable strap, because although the bag theoretically belongs to mum, it is often taken over by dad, grandma, grandpa or another person who is taking care of the toddler.
  • Pram/stroller hooks − most bags have special hooks that allow you to attach them to the pram/stroller. However, make sure they are solid, because mum’s bags can weigh a lot.
  • Material − make sure that the bag can be easily washed. It is essential that the material is solid as it is necessary in the case of frequent use.

The design of the bag is as important as its functionality

When choosing a bag, of course, in addition to functionality, it is also worth paying attention to its appearance. Many mothers choose those that match the colour of the pram. It is also a good idea to choose a universal model that will match both your styling and different colours of prams. A sensational model is, for example, the black COCO mum’s bag, which looks like a classic women’s handbag. 

Backpack − a convenient alternative to a traditional bag

Are you not a fan of bags? Choose a backpack! Currently, many mums decide to transport all their baby’s stuff in this way. Backpacks are convenient because you can carry them on your back or attach them to a pram, just like any bag. Additionally, they offer many interesting solutions. Most of them have, for example, a lot of compartments for nappies or mum’s personal belongings, as well as separate thermo pockets for the bottle. 

Take care of your comfort, choose the perfect mum’s bag!