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Universal baby mobile: giraffes and monkeys

Universal baby mobile: giraffes and monkeys

Catalogue number: 1367

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Description of the product

The universal baby mobile is an ideal product for your baby. The colourful toys attract attention, and the music box sound helps the baby to calm down. Due to the specially designed handle it is possible to fasten the baby mobile to a portable or wooden crib.


  • subdued colours help calm down the baby
  • playful figures attract attention and make one feel optimistic
  • the baby mobile makes it possible to watch the steady movement of the objects, thus developing the sense of sight
  • stimulates the baby’s hearing and imagination
  • the soothing music box sound helps to lull the baby to sleep
  • uncomplicated, easy to assemble


  • portable cribs: fits all BabyOno portable cribs and majority of portable cribs available on the market
  • wooden cribs:  the railing thickness must fall between 2cm and 2.7cm.