Underpads 40 x 60 - Babyono

Underpads 40 x 60

Underpads 40 x 60

Catalogue number: 513

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Description of the product

Disposable baby changing pads are a great help when diapering the baby, they can also be used by women in the postpartum period. Exceptionally absorbent pads ensure comfort and hygiene. The outer plastic lining protects from soiling, while the self-adhesive strips keep the pads in place. The superabsorbent material inside the pad binds the moisture quickly, neutralising any unpleasant odours.


  • – superabsorbent material binding the moisture and neutralising odours
  • – breathable top layer
  • – delicate and supersoft lining
  • – very thin  


  • – dimensions 40×60 cm,
  • – 10 pcs per packaging.