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Travel bed

Travel bed

Catalogue number: 292/02

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Description of the product


A combination of a travel bed and a pen. A safe and convenient solution for active families who travel together with the babies or those who often rely on help from the grandparents. Thanks to the ingenious way of folding, unfolding and carrying of the bed, travelling with the baby becomes as easy as a walk in the park. The bed is made from light, safe and easily cleaned materials, making its use as convenient as it gets. The bed comes with an instruction manual

The bed comprises of:

• a comfortable mattress
• a convenient diaper changing mat
• a bar with 3 hanging toys
• a pocket for toys and accessories
• a side door with a zipper
• a travel bag with wheel openings
• a mosquito screen.


  • • 2 in 1 – a bad and a pen – mesh sides ensuring the baby can interact with the surroundings, has plenty of fresh air and can be watched by the parents at all times. Castors with brakes for easy and safe repositioning of the bed. A side opening with a zipper, to let baby in & out by itself.
  • • Easy unfolding and folding – simply stretch out the sides and push in the deck and the bed is ready in a matter of seconds. Insert the mattress for added stability, at home and when in travel.
  • • Grows with the baby – the bed has a comfortable and stable mattress that can be installed in two levels: the first one for the babies, the second one for kids.
  • • Safe for babies – all materials used in the bed are durable, easily cleaned and safe for the babies. The screen protects the babies from bugs. The bed is convenient and safe to use thanks to casters with brakes.
  • • Mom and baby accessories – a bar with colourful toys to keep the baby entertained and a convenient diaper changing mat to make the parents’ life easier.
  • • Travel ready – the folded and packed bed takes little space. The bag has practical straps and wheel openings for easier transportation. The bed folds to a compact sized packaged and easily fits in any car’s luggage compartment.


  • • Material:
    • – frame – steel
    • – bed material – polyester
    • – fittings and side trims – plastic
  • • Dimensions:
  • – unfolded (width / height / depth): 127 cm x 77 cm x 65 cm
  • – folded (width / height / depth): 77 cm x 23 cm x 23 cm
  • – mattress (width / height): 120 cm x 60 cm
  • • Weight: 11.5 kg