Symmetrical silicone dummy 0-3 + - Babyono

Symmetrical silicone dummy 0-3 +

Symmetrical silicone dummy 0-3 +

Catalogue number: 1223/01

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Babyono symmetrical dummies are available in the following sizes: 0-3+, 3-6+, 6-18+. The dummy type should be adapted to the age and individual development of the child.


  • special shape and size for especially small infants aged 0-3 months
  • round teat – shaped like a light bulb; it can be placed in the baby’s mouth in any way
  • the silicone teat reflects the shape of the nipple, it is easily accepted by infants and it can be used in the period of breastfeeding
  • high product quality, conforming to the European standard EN 1400
  • no Bisphenol A content – BPA Free
  • material: the teat of the dummy is made of silicone – material which does not contain any harmful substances, fully transparent and tasteless
  • special holes in the shield – providing free air circulation, which prevents irritation
  • our dummies are equipped with a handle and a silicone teat case
  • package: 2 pcs. + 2 cases
  • It can be disinfected in boiling water and in a sterilizer