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Soft silicone teether

Soft silicone teether

Catalogue number: 1008/02

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Description of the product

The silicone teething extractor is an indispensable tool for teething. The structure of the teething device allows you to apply a soothing gel and introduce it to your child when the first teeth appear. They are made of silicone-free and bisphenol-free material.


  • indispensable during teething
  • may be cooled in a refrigerator
  • special design enables easy application of the teething gel to soothe the gum pain
  • flexible material with uneven texture ideally massages the baby’s gums 
  • light, perfectly suited for the baby’s small mouth and hands
  • manufactured from safe, durable materials
  • BPA free



  • 5cm x 5,5cm