Silicone breast shields Natural Nursing size M

Silicone breast shields Natural Nursing size M

Catalogue number: 823

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Description of the product

Silicone breast shields protect sensitive nipples from irritation during breastfeeding. Gentle and soft silicone provides your baby with a natural feeling of breastfeeding.          
The contoured shape of the shells adapts perfectly to the shape of the breast. They are available in standard size.          

The shields effectively support breastfeeding during baby sucking problems, in the case of flat or concave nipples and when the mother has a problem with excessive flow of food.

They do not change the taste and smell of milk, and do not contain Bisphenol A.


  • made from naturally soft and delicate silicone
  • profiled anatomical shape perfectly adapts to the shape of the breasts
  • anatomically contoured, perfectly fits the breast shape
  • protect the sore nipples from irritating during breastfeeding
  • speed up the healing process
  • the baby feels being fed naturally
  • BPA free
  • do not change smell or taste of your breast milk
  • support baby feeding during baby sucking problems
  • 2 shields and case included


  • Material:                                       100% silicone
  • Shield dimensions:                         diameter 24 mm, height 25 mm
  • Box dimensions:                              11.5 x 10 x 5.5 cm
  • Weight:                                               0.02 kg