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Scented diaper disposal sacks

Scented diaper disposal sacks

Catalogue number: 1052

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Description of the product

Scented diaper disposal sacks are a convenient and hygienic way to dispose of the used diapers and wipes. Nappy sacks neutralize unpleasant smell. Blue color conceals the contents of the bag and knotted easily allow for tight closing. The size of the bag is sufficiently large enough to fit in all sizes of diapers. The bags make it easy to while traveling, walking.


  • scented and adour neutralising
  • conceal the contents
  • easy and convenient tying


  • the quantity of 100 pcs nappy sacks
  • scented so that neutralizes unpleasant smell
  • color blue , hides the contents of the used diapers and wipes
  • reusable closure , can be used at home or on the go