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Safety gate

Safety gate

Catalogue number: 943/02

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Description of the product

The Babyono gate to use between rooms and at the top and bottom of stairs. The gate can be pressure mounted so it does not damage door frames or stair elements. Thanks to silicone caps it does not leave any marks. Universal size and an extra extension piece make it fit openings between 75 cm and 96 cm. The clever dual locking system allows the adult to open the gate with one hand, while effectively blocking access for the child. Product compliant with the EN 1930 standard. Read the instructions before installation!


  • pressure mounting system – no drilling required
  • silicone caps for mounting bolts to prevent damage to door frames and stairs
  • adjustable width 75 – 82 cm + two 7 cm extension
  • safe dual locking system, completely safe, yet at the same time comfortable enough to allow you to open the gate with one hand
  • high quality steel structure
  • opens in both directions
  • self-locking system
  • STOP function allows to keep the gate wide open
  • no sharp edges
  • the set includes a 14 cm extension piece and an optional screw mounting kit
  • product certified and compliant with the EN 1930:2011, EN 71-3:2013+A1:2014 standards


  • Width 75 cm (up to 96 cm with extension)
  • Height 77.5 cm
  • Weight 4.35 kg

The set includes:

  • safety gate with a 2 x 7 cm extension piece
  • 4 mounting bolts + metal key
  • screw mounting kit
  • rail reinforcing extension installation point
  • installation manual

Quick installation guide:

Bramka zabezpieczająca dla dzieci Babyono_BE_ACTIVE

1. Measure the width of the opening where you intend to place the gate. It should be in the range of 75-82cm.
2. If you need, use an extension (2x7cm)
3. Place all 4 expansion bolts in the holes in the corners
4. Place the gate in the target place, make its properly aligned to the door frame
5. Rotate the tensioning screws clockwise at the same time  to make sure the gate is holding securely.
6. The upper screws should be turned until the gap between the edge of the frame and the handle is about 2 mm
7. Check gate operation. To open simultaneously press the button on the lower and upper part of the handle, then gently lift the panel.
8. The gate has self locking system. Open it above 90 degrees, if you want to keep it opened.

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