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Safe toothbrush

Safe toothbrush

Catalogue number: 551/01

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Description of the product

Soft silicone toothbrush with a limiter protecting against inserting it too deep into the mouth.  It is intended for daily oral hygiene and may be used for massaging gums of children who have no teeth yet. The playful design makes brushing teeth a fun activity. Ideal for learning independent tooth brushing


  • Gently remove food residues from the child’s teeth and gums
  • Safe limiter
  • The suction cup designed for hygienic storing of the toothbrush by attaching it to the sink
  • Suitable also for gum massage
  • Helpful during teething
  • Ideal for learning independent tooth brushing
  • Made of durable and safe materials
  • BPA-free (No Bisphenol A)
  • Recommended for children over 6 months

Technical data:

  • Material:                            plastic, silicone
  • Dimensions:                            11.5 x 4.5 cm
  • Weight:                                 0.023 kg
  • Cleaning method:        pour boiling water over the product