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PENGUIN MARTIN Bath toy holder

PENGUIN MARTIN Bath toy holder

Catalogue number: 593

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Description of the product

Penguin Martin loves being wet. Playing in water is his element, and foam in the bathtub reminds him of icebergs that make him feel like home. His eternally empty tummy motivates him to hunt for small toys, which he devours in no time. Bathing will never be the same.

The bath toy holder in the shape of a cute penguin is a perfect combination of a toy for the child and a practical item for the parent. While bathing the baby can have fun, pick out toys, and splash water with foam.  After bathing, toys can be rinsed and stored in the holder, which can be conveniently hanged to dry with the included suction cups. The holes in the container facilitate drying of toys.


  • Convenience − easy attachment with two suction cups (included) on a smooth surface with no structure, e.g. glass, bath, shower cabin
  • Functionality − ideal while playing in the water, also as a drainer and container for storing toys

Technical data:

  • No BPA
  • Dimensions: 23 x 30 x 11 cm
  • Packaging weight: 22 g