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OWL SOFIA vibrating toy for children

OWL SOFIA vibrating toy for children

Catalogue number: 442

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Description of the product

OWL SOFIA is a wise choice. Every child will feel safe with it. In a magical way, it creates a wonderful atmosphere and imperceptibly takes the child to an unexplored dreamland.  

The vibrating owl is an ideal toy to be used in a stroller, baby cot or car seat. After pulling the cord, the child will not only feel the vibration, but also hear a bell.


  • education − the toy teaches the child how to interact
  • development − the toy develops motor and manual skills (grasping, pulling, pushing sound elements)
  • friendly form − the shape of the toy resembling an animal arouses interest and focuses child’s attention

Technical data:

  • Material:             100% polyester 
  • Dimensions:      Width 10 cm x height 21 cm x depth 5 cm
  • Weight:                               0.06 kg