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Night&day postpartum pads.

Night&day postpartum pads.

Catalogue number: 512

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Description of the product

Anatomically contoured, silky & breathable.

The anatomical shape of postpartum pad increases the wearing comfort, ensures discretion and effective protection even in the lying position; the specially corrugated surface distributes the liquid evenly, preventing the pad from sticking so that the skin is not irritated. Additionally, the adhesive strips make it possible to fix the pad firmly to the underwear.

The pad consists of 4 layers. The breathable and ultra-soft inner layer facilitates air circulation and ensures a fresh feeling. Two layers containing super-absorbent material constitute a double lock for the moisture, keeping it securely inside the pad, and neutralising any unpleasant odours. The foil outer layer prevents the moisture from leaking, protecting the underclothes from soiling.

The product is intended for women in the postpartum period. Note: Disposable, single-use product. Please change the pads regularly. We recommend using it along with postpartum underwear.


  • the breathable and ultra-soft inner layer prevents from skin irritation
  • additional super absorbent material directs the moisture into the pad
  • super absorbent material binds the moisture and neutralizes odors
  • outer foil layer protects the underwear from soiling
  • absorbency 300 ml
  • anatomically contoured
  • corrugated surface distributes the liquid evenly
  • exceptionally thin and inconspicuous for maximum wearing discretion
  • self-adhesive strips keep the pad in place


  • Dimensions: L 37 x W 20 cm
  • Packaging dimensions: L 22 x W 16 x H 10 cm
  • Weight of packaging: 0.24 kg
  • 10 pcs