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Night & Day Postpartum pads

Night & Day Postpartum pads

Catalogue number: 599

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Description of the product

Premium gelling superabsorbent, soft and breathable, anatomical shape.

The postpartum pads have been designed especially for women in the puerperium period to make them feel comfortable and at ease. The anatomical shape of the pads increases the comfort of wearing, ensures discretion of use and effective protection even in a lying position. In turn, the delicate smooth surface evenly distributes liquids, so that the pad does not stick to and does not irritate the skin. Additionally, the self-adhesive strip along the entire length of the pad allows stable attachment to underwear.

Each pad consists of four layers. The breathable and ultra soft inner surface allows air circulation and provides a feeling of freshness. Two superabsorbent layers bind moisture, both providing fluid retention inside the pad and neutralising unpleasant odours. The foil outer layer prevents leakage to keep underwear clean.

Note! The product is intended for single use. It is recommended to regularly change the postpartum pads. Recommended for use with postpartum underwear.


  • ultra soft breathable inner layer to prevent irritation
  • highly effective superabsorbent to absorb moisture and neutralise odours
  • additional superabsorbent to bind moisture inside the pad
  • absorption capacity 300 ml
  • contoured anatomical shape
  • smooth surface for uniform distribution of liquids
  • foil outer layer to protect against soiling
  • extremely thin form to provide discretion of wearing
  • self-adhesive strip to hold the pad in place

Technical data:

  • Dimensions: length 37 x width 18 cm
  • Packaging dimensions: length 14 x width 16 x height 12 cm
  • Packaging weight: 0.24 kg