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NATURAL NURSING Set of brushes for bottles and soothers

NATURAL NURSING Set of brushes for bottles and soothers

Catalogue number: 736

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Description of the product

A set of brushes for bottles and soothers helps in their thorough cleaning. Suitably shaped tips reach places that are difficult to access, while comfortable handles provide a stable grip. The brushes are made from durable and safe materials.


  • designed for thorough cleaning of bottles, soothers and straws
  • suitably shaped brush tips reach hardly accessible places
  • silicone non-slip grips facilitate washing activities
  • the brushes have special openings in their handles designed for hanging them on a hanger, whereas a clip circle prevents losing individual components of the set
  • made of durable and safe materials

Technical data:


  • Brush for washing bottles: length 33cm, total width 6cm
  • Brush for soothers and nuts: length 10.5 cm, total width 4cm
  • Cleaning rod for straws: length 26.5 cm, total width 0.7 cm