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Catalogue number: 543

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Description of the product

The MY CONTRAST BOOK book was created with the child’s sensory development in mind, using contrasting images. It shows the world of colours and geometric shapes in an interesting way, giving the parent a solid basis for creating intriguing stories or introducing simple math.

The book enables the acquisition of new skills, from practising the grip, through stimulating the work of the gums with teethers with protrusions, to receiving interesting visual and auditory experiences, and studying various material textures. The built-in mirror allows the child to discover the immediate surroundings from different perspectives.

The toy is kept in clear, contrasting colours that develop the sense of sight, imagination and the ability to concentrate. It will accompany the child in the first stages of development, responding to new cognitive needs.

The book is certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100.


  • Helps in learning visual-auditory-motor coordination
  • Contrasting colours to support the development of the child’s eyes
  • Helps to practice motor and manual skills (grabbing)
  • Develops cognitive skills through stimulating shapes, textures and sounds
  • Develops the child’s imagination
  • Can be easily attached to a baby cot, pram or safety seat

Technical data:

  • Material: Polyester
  • Dimensions: width 12 cm x height 12 cm x depth 2 cm
  • Weight: 0,10 kg