Two-chamber bowl with teaspoon - Babyono

Two-chamber bowl with teaspoon

Two-chamber bowl with teaspoon

Catalogue number: 1067

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Description of the product

It is natural that your child may suddenly get hungry while walking. So you should always have a snack with you. For this purpose, a two-chamber bowl with a Babyono spoon is a very practical solution, which is perfect for such situations.

Its structure ideally allows you to divide the food into two chambers, so you can give your baby a varied meal. A sealed lid closes the container and protects the teaspoon from getting lost or getting dirty. Soft teaspoon is ideal for feeding your baby.


  • allows you to carry two different dishes in one container,
  • has a tight closure and storage space for a teaspoonful,
  • you can wash it in the dishwasher,
  • free of Bisphenol A,
  • you can heat up food in the microwave in it.

Technical data:

  • The set with the container includes a tight lid and a soft teaspoon,
  • the dimensions of the inside diameter: 2×85 mm,
  • a smaller chamber of 150ml,
  • a larger chamber of 200ml.