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MILKY WAY hanging toy

MILKY WAY hanging toy

Catalogue number: 766

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Description of the product

Blinky Heart, Smiling Star and Sleeping Moon are the best sleep and play companions for your sweet baby. The hanging element with rattles, squeaky toy, pompom and shiny motifs is part of the BLINK & SMILE collection created with both children and their parents in mind. BLINK & SMILE is a call to Mum and Dad – smile! Certain situations need to be treated with tongue in cheek, and for the child it means strengthening positive emotions – joy, smile and smiling back.

Gold and silver elements perfectly match the black-and-white colours, drawing the attention of children curious about the world from their first days of life. What is important for developing the focus of children’s attention and the ability to see various objects is colour. For the first 3 months of life, a newborn baby only sees black and white objects in close proximity. It is only in the coming months when it begins to see and recognize colours; at the age of 12 months the image is already clear and colourful, but a complete vision development is reached when the child is about 2 years old. The cognitive value is provided by various textures of the materials: fluffy and velvety pompom, smooth and contrasting pattern, soft, cool and shiny finish giving sound when rubbed with the hand. The entire composition is complemented by natural cotton fabric.


  • develops the child’s imagination
  • develops visual and motor coordination
  • with the toy, the child learns to recognize shapes
  • the spiral shape allows you to install the toy in the baby cot, car seat and stroller constructed of materials with different structure

Technical data:

  • Material:             Cotton and polyester 
  • Dimensions:      Width 17 cm (50 cm when unfolded) x height 20 cm x depth 8 cm
  • Weight:                               0.032 kg