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LLAMA ZIGGY hanging toy

LLAMA ZIGGY hanging toy

Catalogue number: 718

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Description of the product

Llama Ziggy is the laziest one in the family. He likes to nap, even during the day, as well as stretch lazily. Immediately after his mother Rita calls him for dinner, he is there, ready to eat. But then he becomes lazy again…

Ziggy is equipped with a rattle, squeaky toy, teether and colourful ribbons.

The Peruvian llamas family is composed of mother Rita and her three children – Jane, Bob and Ziggy. They feel great when they are together.


  •  develops the child’s imagination
  •  develops visual and motor coordination
  •  toys resembling real animals help the baby learn to recognise shapes and silhouettes
  • the spiral shape allows you to install the toy in the baby cot, car seat and stroller

Technical data:

  • Material:         100% polyester 
  • Dimensions:    Width 23 cm x height 22 cm x depth 9 cm
  • Weight:                       0.12 kg