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LLAMA RITA cuddly toy for babies

LLAMA RITA cuddly toy for babies

Catalogue number: 716

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Description of the product

Llama Rita is a pack leader for her babies. She is always alert and cautious, but she acts with reserve and peace of mind. Living in the midst of beautiful Peruvian landscapes, she has no need to rush anywhere. She is always in a good mood and loves to cuddle her baby.

Hilarious, with ethno elements and colourful hooves, she will encourage your baby to play. The soft stuffed toy offering different textures with an internal rattle develops cognitive skills of each child.

The Peruvian llamas family is composed of mother Rita and her three children – Jane, Bob and Ziggy. They feel great when they are together.


  • develops cognitive skills through stimulating shapes, textures and sounds
  • develops the child’s imagination
  • gives a sense of security
  • cuddly toy and rattle function

Technical data:

  • Material:         100% polyester 
  • Dimensions:    Width 20 cm x height 35 cm x depth 10 cm
  • Weight:                       0.11 kg