LINK’N’PLAY - Babyono



Catalogue number: 498

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Description of the product

LINK ’N’ Play plastic elements have been specially designed to develop the child’s imagination. They can be easily combined to create varied three-dimensional chains. 4 different figures and colours encourage the child to grip and join, meeting the development needs of the youngest ones in an engaging manner. Lightweight, easy to clean and made of safe materials. Perfect for a car seat, stroller, baby cot and high chair.


  • develops manual skills of the child 
  • teaches how to identify shapes and colours
  • helps practice hand grip and passing objects from hand to hand
  • focuses the child’s attention for a long time

Technical data:        

  • Package: 12 pcs. – 3 pcs. in each colour, 4 colours and shapes
  • made of safe and durable materials, BPA free
  • complies with EN71


  • yellow turtle 7.5 cm x 5.8 cm
  • turquoise rabbit 7 cm x 7.8 cm
  • orange sheep 9 cm x 6.5 cm
  • blue elephant 6.9 cm x 6.1 cm

Weight: 0.132 (12 pcs.)