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HIPPO MARCEL squeaky toy

HIPPO MARCEL squeaky toy

Catalogue number: 1159

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Description of the product

Hippo Marcel is an important member of all sorts of expeditions, no matter what their aim: a nap, or… not a nap.

He is a pillar of the Forest Crew, a special task brigade which includes also Fox Vincent, Koala Jules and Hare Jimmy.

He is the best playmate. Different textures and an internal squeaker develop cognitive skills of the child.


  • develops the visual, auditory and motor coordination
  • the squeaky sound arouses the baby’s interest and teaches the cause and effect relationship
  • helps babies practise their motor and manual skills (grabbing, passing from one hand to another)


  • Material:             100% polyester
  • Size:                      width 7 cm x height 18 cm x depth 6 cm
  • Weight:               0.02 kg