High chair Racconn - Babyono

High chair Racconn

High chair Racconn

Catalogue number: 265/01

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Description of the product

Discover the advantages of Babyono chair!

Universal and comfortable form, functionality, esthetic look and durability. You can adjust the seat height and backrest to the individual needs of your child. The soft, wide seat with seatbelts, the footrest and high backrest will make your child sit comfortably and safely. The tray can be used not only for eating, but also for playing and drawing. The chair is covered with a washable material that can easily be maintained in a clean condition.


Babyono baby feeding chair is designed for the children learning to eat independently, and their parents, concerned with their children’s safety.

  • 5-point safety seatbelts
  • 3-level adjustable backrest
  • 6-level seat height   
  • adjustable distance between tray and seat
  • insert for smaller children
  • stopper on the table
  • retractable, removable tray
  • easily washable, exchangeable cover (upholstery)
  • soft seat
  • high backrest
  • footrest

Technical specifications:

  • dimensions (unfolded): 85 x 55 x 111 cm (length x width x height) 
  • dimensions (folded): 45 x 55 x 102 cm (length x width x height)  wymiary siedziska: 23 x 26 x 45 cm (dł./szer./wys.)
  • weight: 6.3 kg
  • suitable for children up to 25 kg

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