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Furniture protector. Door

Furniture protector. Door

Catalogue number: 947/01

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Description of the product

Have you ever wondered how dangerous for your child it is to independently move around the flat? Safe opening the door is no mean feat! To ensure flexibility to your child and minimise the risk of accidents, protect your doors with protectors. Colourful, soft protectors attached to the upper edge of the door effectively prevent pinched fingers, and the foam stopper effectively stops the door at a safe distance.


  • The set includes a door protector and stopper
  • Effective protection of your child’s fingers against trapping
  • The stopper enables secure fixation of the door
  • Use under adult supervision, when unused keep out of reach of children

Technical data:

  • Door protector dimensions 9 x 10 cm
  • Door stopper dimensions 13.5 x 8 cm
  • Made of durable EVA foam


  • Door protector −1 pc.
  • Door stopper −1 pc.