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FOX VINCENT squeaky toy

FOX VINCENT squeaky toy

Catalogue number: 1161

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Description of the product

Fox Vincent is on guard. He makes sure that no one and nothing disturbs your baby’s dreams and important plans.

He is a member of the Forest Crew, a special task brigade headed by Hippo Marcel, including also Koala Jules and Hare Jimmy.

He is the best playmate. Different textures and an internal squeaker develop cognitive skills of the child.


  • develops the visual, auditory and motor coordination
  • the squeaky sound arouses the baby’s interest and teaches the cause and effect relationship
  • helps babies practise their motor and manual skills (grabbing, passing from one hand to another)


  • Material:             100% polyester
  • Size:                      width 7 cm x height 17 cm x depth 7 cm
  • Weight:               0.02 kg