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Electrical socket safety cover

Electrical socket safety cover

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Description of the product

Young children learn and discover the world through touch. Unfortunately, not all items in the home are safe for the child. Among the items of equipment, which should absolutely be out of reach of your child, we can include electrical sockets. Protection for furniture in the form of a lock on sockets will make the current will no longer be a threat to the active child. Our proposed covers for sockets are equipped with a key, which will prevent easy removal of the lock by the toddler. Security devices for furniture are compatible with the sockets without and with grounding.


  • secure electrical sockets to prevent babies from inserting fingers or other items
  • minimise the risk of electric shock
  • suitable for both grounded and ungrounded sockets
  • easy to install and remove with the attached key



  • corner guards – 6 pcs
  • key