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Electric Bottle Warmer and Steriliser NATURAL NURSING

Electric Bottle Warmer and Steriliser NATURAL NURSING

Catalogue number: 216

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Description of the product

The food given to the baby – natural or modified milk or porridge or a thick soup – must be at the right temperature. The hygiene of bottles and nipples is equally important during feeding. So it’s a good idea to have a universal, handy and easy to use device that combines the functions of a heater and sterilizer. A meal for a toddler can be quickly and easily brought to the desired temperature and kept there for some time. You can also sterilize bottles and nipples in the same device. The heater is equipped with an additional bowl for dense foods. The equipment is adapted to most bottles and jars offered on the market.

  • • Quick and precise heating
  • • Temperature range from 25 to 100 ºС
  • • Compatible with most baby bottles and jars
  • • Fixed temperature maintenance function
  • • Protection against overheating
  • • Automatic turn-off when the water has evaporated


  • • Sterilisation of teats
  • • Sterilisation of bottles


  • Heater
  • 180 ml bowl with a measuring scale, for heating up dense baby foods.
  • Lid
  • Bottle pad for sterilisation and heating of jars and small bottles

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