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Educational Roller

Educational Roller

Catalogue number: 896

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Description of the product

This educational roller is soft, inflated and very colourful, with rattling balls inside. The educational roller facilitates important stages of the child’s motor development such as sitting, crawling and standing, it helps develop the motor coordination and the sense of balance. Inside the roller there are attractive prints and chambers, the child can play trying to move the balls into subsequent chambers. The educational roller is made from safe, durable and non-toxic materials.


  • ideal for playing indoors and outdoors
  • made from robust, transparent material
  • rounded shapes guarantee safe play
  • easy to clean and practical to store
  • colours and sounds of the balls arouse the baby’s interest and encourage him or her to play


  • the roller size 46 x 44 x 22 cm
  • intended for children above 9 months old