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DREAM TEAM − C MORE educational cards

DREAM TEAM − C MORE educational cards

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Description of the product

The DREAM TEAM educational cards feature all the characters from the C MORE team:

  • CONNOR − penguin − the leader who is distinguished by a great personality despite his small size;
  • BRUNO − British cat − delights with its size and likes to laze all day long;
  • FELIX − racoon − he is usually surprised by the developments, but amazingly well adapts to the situation;
  • ADELLE − giraffe − a lover of fun and dancing who is always accompanied by music, the eternal optimist;
  • ANDY − elephant − the confidant of all secrets, he always has time to talk;
  • ALBERT − hippo − who has a positive attitude to life, always smiling best companion at all times;
  • ARCHIE − panda − a lover of meetings who gets very attached to people;
  • LUCY − seal − with big, trusting eyes and impressive rustling tail;
  • RICHARD − tiger − the defender, he rarely gives way taking the best position for hugging;
  • ZACK − zebra − he is simply everywhere and is very sociable.

The cards enable the acquisition of new skills, from practising the grip, through stimulating the work of the gums with teethers with protrusions on the corners, to studying various material textures. You can play both with a booklet and with separate double-sided cards.

The cards are kept in clear, contrasting colours that develop the sense of sight, imagination and the ability to concentrate.

The DREAM TEAM educational cards are part of the C: MORE collection, which was created with the proper psychomotor development of a child in mind. They stimulate the senses of sight, touch and hearing. With the latest collection of toys, we allow our children to see more: C: MORE.

This is the world in the eyes of a child:

  • NEWBORN – sees what is in front, in close range, only in black and white
  • 3 MONTHS – the baby begins to see more clearly and recognise parents, colours
  • 8 MONTHS – the image in front of the child’s eyes becomes clearer, the toddler begins to practice eye-hand coordination
  • 12 MONTHS – the child sees clearly in colour, however, their eyesight develops fully by the age of 2


  • Help in learning visual-auditory-motor coordination
  • Contrasting colours to support the development of the child’s eyes
  • Help to practice motor and manual skills (grabbing, shifting)
  • Develop cognitive skills through stimulating shapes, textures and sounds
  • Develop the child’s imagination

Technical data:

  • Material: Polyester 
  • Dimensions: width 13 cm x height 13 cm x depth 4 cm
  • Weight: 0.07 kg