DOLPHIN’S SPHERE educational rattle - Babyono

DOLPHIN’S SPHERE educational rattle

DOLPHIN’S SPHERE educational rattle

Catalogue number: 553/02

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Description of the product

The original Babyono rattle has been designed with the needs of the youngest ones in mind. Its shape provides a comfortable grip for small babies’ hands and at the same time it is of the appropriate size, allowing the child to place a not too large element in the mouth. Six movable rings in different colours stimulate the sight and can be shifted. As a result, the child develops manual skills and performs the recommended tongue exercises, turning the moving balls.


  • develops visual and motor coordination
  • varied surface and movable rings develop the sense of touch
  • teaches how to identify shapes and colours
  • helps practice hand grip and passing objects from hand to hand
  • appropriately lightweight

Technical data: 

  • 1 pc. in a carton box
  • made of safe and durable materials, BPA free
  • Dimensions 9.6 cm x 8.6 cm
  • Weight: 0.069 kg