Dog musical toy

Dog musical toy

Catalogue number: 1124

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Description of the product

Wesoły piesek może być prawdziwym przyjacielem każdego maleństwa. Sztruksowa tkanina i kieszonka na brzuszku angażują paluszki dziecka do poznawania kształtów i faktur, a melodia pozytywki uspokaja i wycisza dziecko.


  • hones the baby’s senses of sight and hearing
  • the music sounds help the baby differentiate between different sound volumes
  • resembling real figures of people and animals, the toy helps the baby to recognise their silhouettes
  • arouses the baby’s interest and focuses his or her attention
  • has a calming and soothing effect, which helps the baby to quiet down and fall asleep



  • without clip – 36cm
  • with clip – 45cm