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Cuddly toy with pacifier holder RACOON ROCKY

Cuddly toy with pacifier holder RACOON ROCKY

Catalogue number: 747

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Description of the product

RACOON ROCKY is a pretty jet! He pranks and messes around, he’s everywhere. He cannot sit in one place, and his uncontrollable curiosity of the world makes him rearrange or turn things upside down. However, with his magic smile he can win over everyone and it is impossible not to like this rascal.

The soft mascot is made of various materials with interesting structures, and the rattle inside develops the cognitive skills of a small child and also provides a sense of security. The ribbons attached to the blanket will help exercise dexterity, and with the pacifier holder with two-sided Velcro attached to the toy, comfort is always within easy reach.


  • development − subtle rattling sounds stimulate curiosity, encourage playing and shape the child’s imagination, and the ribbons attached to the blanket are a great way to practice dexterity
  • friendly form − soft materials are perfect for your baby’s delicate and small hands
  • convenience − now it is very easy to find the pacifier thanks to the double-sided Velcro strap attached to the product
  • multifunctionality − the cuddly, rattle, pacifier holder (for pacifiers with a handle) and blanket functions
  • for use in many places − ideal for playing at home, during walks, as well as while travelling

Technical data:

  • Material: 100% polyester 
  • Dimensions: Width 20 cm x height 24 cm x depth 9 cm
  • Weight: 0,04 kg