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Contrast Educational Mat – C MORE collection

Contrast Educational Mat – C MORE collection

Catalogue number: 516

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Description of the product

Contrast educational mat will guarantee hours of great fun for every child. The mat is equipped with double-sided light and sound projector. 8 soothing melodies and colourful lights ensure senses development. The projector displays stars on the ceiling, and emits pulsating lights from the bottom. This mat is characterized by clear, contrasting colours that develop the sense of sight, imagination and ability to concentrate. The mat accompanies the child in the first few stages of development, first serving the baby when lying on the back, and then also on the tummy. When the child grows up and begins to sit up and crawl, the mat becomes a cosy playground. The set includes a Tummy Time cushion, which will help you place your child on the tummy comfortably.

The CONTRAST educational mat is part of the C: MORE collection, which was created in the care of psychomotor development, stimulating the senses of sight, touch and hearing. With the latest collection of toys, we allow our children to see more: C: MORE.

This is the world in the eyes of a child:

  • NEWBORN – sees objects in front of it, only in black and white in close proximity
  • 3 MONTHS – begins to see, recognize parents, colours
  • 8 MONTHS – the picture becomes clearer, eye-hand coordination develops
  • 12 MONTHS – sees clearly in colour, but has fully developed vision at the age of 2


  • the mat is designed for children aged 0+
  • possibility to use the mat in 3 ways: lying on the back, lying on the tummy and as a place for playing for children who can sit on their own
  • the set develops visual, auditory and motor coordination
  • the set includes a two-sided projector displaying stars from the top, and twinkling lights in different colours from the bottom
  • the set includes a cushion for lying on the tummy with the possibility of attaching teethers and rattlers
  • the mat has 6 different hangers supporting the child’s development: rattling, rustling, squeaking and equipped with elements for biting
  • possibility of attaching any toys you want toys to the bars and cushion
  • contrasting colours to support the development of the child’s eyes
  • the set helps to practice motor and manual skills (grabbing, shifting)

Technical data:

  • BPA, PVC and Phthalate free
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Large size – diameter 1 m
  • Extra thick and soft                                  
  • Requires the use of three AA batteries (included)
  • Machine washable mat
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Dimensions: width 100 cm x height 100 cm x depth 3 cm
  • Package dimensions: width 70 cm x height 53 cm x depth. 13 cm
  • Weight: 2.40 kg

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