COMPACT PLUS electrical breast pump with nasal aspirator NATURAL NURSING - Babyono

COMPACT PLUS electrical breast pump with nasal aspirator NATURAL NURSING

COMPACT PLUS electrical breast pump with nasal aspirator NATURAL NURSING

Catalogue number: 971

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Description of the product

The COMPACT PLUS electrical breast pump is a unique device, which combines a high quality breast pump and a nasal aspirator. We know the importance and problems of motherhood and are doing everything in our power to provide innovative solutions to ensure that all moms get the support and comfort they deserve.

All elements of the breast pump are made of a special material suitable for contact with food and free of Bisphenol A. The breast pump is powered with a rechargeable battery.

The breast pump offers high comfort and performance. The funnel, which is made of soft silicone, tightly covers the entire breast, including in half lying position, to increase comfort when the milk is being pumped, especially for women who underwent a caesarean section.

As the suction power can be adjusted, the milk pumping performance and effectiveness increases. The device is quiet, which makes it discreet and suitable in any conditions. The breast pump is easy to use, assemble, and disassemble. It is discreet and travel-friendly. It also comes with the natural Nursing bottle, which you can use immediately after the pumping process.

The breast pump can be connected to the included nasal aspirator. The aspirator is dedicated for children and babies. It offers high but safe suction power, which will remove all nasal secretions to ensure that your child will be able to breathe freely and sleep well. It is surprisingly quiet and can be used even when your child is asleep.


The Babyono COMPACT PLUS breast pump has 5 different settings, which can be adapted to individual requirements:

  • Suction setting

The suction strength has seven power settings, from low to high.

  • Double frequency setting

This setting combines the advantages of alternating weak and strong suction. A variable power (weak – pause – strong) suction cycle effectively helps stimulate inverted nipples.

  • Stimulating massage 

The stimulating massage is recommended 2–5 minutes before the start of pumping.

  • 2 in 1 setting

A cycle composed of 8 massage motions followed by 1 suction movement. This mode is recommended to soothe the pain in overloaded breasts and to stimulate breasts in order to pump more milk in less time.

  • Aspirator setting – adjusted for nasal aspiration function. There are three available suction strength settings.

Technical specifications:


  • breast pump
  • nasal aspirator head with two nozzles
  • silicone funnel
  • Babyono Natural Nursing bottle – 180 ml
  • 0 m+ anatomical silicone pacifier
  • charger
  • toiletry bag – FREE

To charge, connect the breast pump to the charger and connect the charger to an electrical outlet. The charging process requires approximately 5 hours. A fully charged breast pump is in operating order for approximately 2.5 hours.

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