BRUNO THE CAT pillow – cuddly toy for babies C-MORE COLLECTION

BRUNO THE CAT pillow – cuddly toy for babies C-MORE COLLECTION

Catalogue number: 643

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Description of the product

BRUNO is a British cat impressive in terms of size who loves lounging about all day long and accompanying your baby as a pillow during sleep.
A soft pillow tied on the tummy may be easily transformed into the baby’s favourite cuddly toy.
Bruno the Cat is a part of the C: MORE collection of 14 toys created for fostering psychomotor development by stimulating the sense of sight, touch and hearing. With toys from the latest collection we let babies C: MORE.

The world seen by a child:

  • • NEWBORN – can see what is in front of him/her in black and white only in close proximity
  • • 3 MONTHS – starts to see, recognise parents and colours
  • • 8 MONTHS – images become more clear, hand-eye coordination
  • • 12 months – sees clearly in colours but sight is fully developed at the age of 2 years


  • • develops cognitive skills through stimulating shapes, textures and sounds
  • • develops the baby’s imagination
  • • gives a sense of security
  • • function of a cuddly toy and a pillow


  • • Material: 100% polyester
  • • Size: width 44 cm x height 13 cm x depth 44 cm
  • • Weight: 0.37 kg