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BEAR TONY interactive baby toy

BEAR TONY interactive baby toy

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Description of the product

My friend TONY:

He is soft and SOOOO indispensable – I take him everywhere with me. We laugh and kid around together. We often play tricks on Daddy because Mummy knows us too well. We visit all cabinets and cupboards, even those in the kitchen after dark – I am not afraid anymore.  I love him!

With Tony you can play with a rattle, a squeaker, a rustler, and each of these elements is detachable.

The interactive baby toy TONY is a part of the SUZIE&TONY collection including 10 toys created for the development of the little ones. Lovely teddy bears make the world a safer and more friendly place. The collection includes: cuddly toys, squeaky toys, blankets – cuddly toys, interactive baby pram toys and plush toy height measures.


  •  develops the baby’s imagination
  •  develops visual motor coordination
  •  thanks to its similarity to a real animal teaches the baby to recognise shapes and silhouettes
  • a spiral shape allows to attach the toy to the cot, car seat and pram


  • Material:         100% polyester 
  • Size:                width 16 cm x height 28 cm x depth 9 cm
  • Weight:           0.10 kg