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BEAR SUZIE interactive baby toy

BEAR SUZIE interactive baby toy

Catalogue number: 1233

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Description of the product

My friend SUZIE:

She is the best!!! I never go anywhere without her. She knows all my secrets. We play challenges with my parents – it is my favourite game ever. When Suzie gets tired, she has a special place next to me in the crib. I love her!

With Suzie you can play with a rattle, a squeaker, a rustler, and each of these elements is detachable.

The interactive baby toy SUZIE is a part of the SUZIE&TONY collection including 10 toys created for the development of the little ones. Lovely teddy bears make the world a safer and more friendly place. The collection includes: cuddly toys, squeaky toys, blankets – cuddly toys, interactive baby pram toys and plush toy height measures.


  •  develops the baby’s imagination
  •  develops visual motor coordination
  •  thanks to its similarity to a real animal teaches the baby to recognise shapes and silhouettes
  • a spiral shape allows to attach the toy to the cot, car seat and pram


  • Material:         100% polyester 
  • Size:                width 16 cm x height 28 cm x depth 9 cm
  • Weight:           0.10 kg