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Bath toy holder

Bath toy holder

Catalogue number: 262/03

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Description of the product

Pojemnik na zabawki kąpielowe Babyono_HAVE_FUN

Bath toy holder is the perfect combination of toys for the child and the product useful for a parent. During bath time entertainment is a child, have fun of catch bath toys, splashing water and foam. After the bath, toys can be fished rinse and hang to dry on the included suction cup, the holes in the container facilitate drying of toys.

Pojemnik na zabawki kąpielowe Babyono_HAVE_FUN Pojemnik z zabawkami przyczepiany na przyssawkę do ściany


  • easy to hang by suction cup (included in the kit) on a smooth surface without structure such as glass, bathtub, shower
  • functionality: is perfect when playing in the water for fishing, toys, pouring foam, water, etc.
  • it is ideal as a drip into the bath toys, toys, you can rinse the container and put the container openings facilitate drying of toys