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Baby toothbrushes

Baby toothbrushes

Catalogue number: 550/02

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Szczoteczki do zębów dla dzieci i niemowląt Babyono_TAKE_CARE

A set of delicate toothbrushes is indispensable in daily oral hygiene in babies. The set includes 3 brushes: the first silicone one is designed for gum massaging for babies who do not yet have their teeth, the second silicone one is designed for cleaning small teeth, and the third one with soft bristles is intended for older children. The brushes are perfect for learning how to clean your teeth.

Szczoteczki do zębów dla dzieci i niemowląt Babyono_TAKE_CARE


  • Delicately remove food remains from the baby’s gums and teeth
  • Ideal for gum massaging
  • Helpful during teething
  • Ideal for the baby to learn how to clean teeth
  • Set of 3 different brushes
  • Manufactured from durable and safe materials
  • BPA free
Myjka do kąpieli frotte dla dzieci i niemowląt. Mix 5 kolorów Babyono_TAKE_CARE Myjka do kapieli frotte, leżąca na okryciu kapielowym, a na niej komplet szczoteczek do zębów


  • Materials: plastic, silicon, delicate synthetic bristles
  • Size: brush – 13 x 2 cm
  • Weight: 0.02 kg
  • Cleaning method: scald it with boiling water