Baby toothbrush and gum massager

Baby toothbrush and gum massager

Catalogue number: 723

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Description of the product

The child’s oral hygiene should be taken care of from the first days of his life. Clean gums are one of the conditions for having healthy teeth. The best solution is the first tooth brush – a special overlay on the parent’s finger. The product has delicate protrusions on one side and a soft material brush on the other. Gently massages the gums and brings a relief for baby. The brush comes with a case in which you can store the product safely and hygienically. It is made of a safe plastic that does not contain Bisphenol A.


–    delicately removes food remains from the baby’s gums

 –   ideal for gum massaging

–    helpful during teething

–    complete with a box for hygienic storage

–    manufactured from safe, durable materials

–    BPA free

–    1 toothbrush + case

Technical data:

  • Material:         100% silicon
  • Size:                11,5 cm x 16 cm
  • Weight:           0.02 kg