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Baby harness

Baby harness

Catalogue number: 070

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Description of the product

Braces for learning to walk are also a convenience for parents or caregivers, who thanks to them do not have to take an uncomfortable posture to hold the baby’s hands. Belts for learning to walk are comfortable to put on – they are in the form of an adjustable harness for the child’s height, put on the shoulders and under the armpits. The belay belt is fastened in two places – symmetrically at the level of shoulder blades. Strong clasp fastening the whole guarantees safety of using the product.


  • helps the baby learn how to walk and protects from falling
  • to be used in prams, strollers or high chairs in order to protect the child from falling out
  • safety guaranteed by the strong and reliable buckle
  • the harness is easily adjustable and can be fitted to any child, pram or stroller