Anti-colic teat medium 2 NATURAL NURSING - Babyono

Anti-colic teat medium 2 NATURAL NURSING

Anti-colic teat medium 2 NATURAL NURSING

Catalogue number: 1453

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Description of the product


Modern response to babies’ natural needs! See the benefits of the anti-colic teat from the NATURAL NURSING collection:


  • unique structure of the teat promotes the natural sucking reflex via appropriate distribution of tensions,
  • anti-colic valve ensures correct air circulation during feeding, thus minimizing the amount of air swallowed by the baby,
  • silicone teat reflecting the shape of mother’s breast.
  • high quality of the product; due to the strict adherence to the EU standards and directives, products from the
    Natural Nursing collection are also recommended for newborns,
  • all of the products are BPA free.


  • Anti-colic teat NATURAL NURSING
  • Medium flow M (3 m+)
  • 2 pcs.