ALLIGATOR ALLI CUP IN CUP educational pyramid - Babyono

ALLIGATOR ALLI CUP IN CUP educational pyramid

ALLIGATOR ALLI CUP IN CUP educational pyramid

Catalogue number: 885

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Description of the product

Alligator Alli loves water games, water splashing and counting elements. The greatest fun for him is hiding in giant bubbles and jumping out of surprise. He has a cheerful disposition and a good heart – and shows his big teeth only when it is time to brush them.?

The ALLIGATOR ALLI CUP IN CUP educational pyramid is designed in such a way to develop children’s imagination. The elements can be easily combined to form a beautiful construction. Each cup has a different number of holes to pour water; the holes also have different shapes. The cups can be combined as well to form a chain, so it is possible to create a huge colourful alligator. Therefore, the toy can be a great product to start teaching children spatial forms, and an interesting way to try to meet children’s developmental needs.


  • develops manual skills of the child
  • teaches how to identify colours and shapes
  • helps practice hand grip
  • easy to keep clean
  • safe material for babies
  • lightweight and easy to build construction
  • focuses the child’s attention for a long time
  • made of safe materials
  • perfect for playing at home, when travelling and in the bath

Technical data:

  • Material:         100% plastic 
  • Dimensions:    Width 14 cm x height 17 cm x depth 10 cm
  • Weight:                       0.16 kg