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At the heart of the creation C: MOORE collection is an image accessible from a child’s perspective. We have combined colors so that the child in a natural way gets used to the world around. We bring children to see more, while simultaneously stimulating the senses of sight, touch and hearing – WE HELP TO GROW.

Dear Parent,

Find a comfortable place to sit, close your eyes and count to 5 … Smell the fragrances in the air, listen to the sounds of your home … Can you feel your curiosity growing, your desire ebbing to experience the surrounding world with all your senses?

Yes, your child feels the exact same desire.

Do you want to help it learn the world of vision as best as it can?

BRUNO – a British cat of impressive size, loves to lazily lounge all day long, a great companion for trips as a pillow

LUCY – a big-eyed seal, guaranteed to make you smile with her rustling tail, a perfect companion for feeding time – soft & cuddly, for the mummy, too

CONNOR – a leader, a penguin and a big personality in a small body, likes to keep things in order with its buzzing sound

ADELLE – a giraffe who loves fund & dancing, a great fan of music and an optimist through and through

RICHARD – a protective tiger, loves to keep close & personal, not one to give up a premium spot, but always there for hugging time

ARCHIE – a sociable panda who loves to meet new people, quickly becomes a close friend, rattles when happy and loves when things happen over and over again

ALBERT – an always smiling and joyful hippopotamus, a great companion for all kinds of days


ZACK – an energetic zebra, always the first to socialize, you will hear him before you see him, loves water sports

ANDY – an elephant to whom you can tell all your secrets, always there for you and an amazing listener

FELIX – a racoon, easily surprised with the goings-on, but super quick to catch up and stay on top

ANDY SENIOR – handyman dad, certainly knows everything, always helps; a real altruist.

SIR CONOR – military dad, respects tradition and discipline, master of organization and nuanced wit.

CONTRAST BALL – the gang’s favorite toy, always visible, plays a soft sound when getting closer

DREAM TEAM CAROUSEL – the more the merrier!


We thank all Clients who visited our pavilion during the exhibition Kid’s Time 2019.

During the award ceremony, which concluded the first day of the exhibition,

Our company has received the following awards:

III place in the plebiscite of the magazine BRANŻA DZIECIĘCA in the category Company of the Year, Baby Products

III and IV place for sales representatives – the prize was given to Paweł Pieczyński (III) and Marta Chyża (IV).

Award for elegance and the innovative style of the Babyono Pavilion


Due to the wide range of temperatures, it provides for heating the milk in bottles to a predetermined temperature. Equipped with the functions of sterilization and maintaining the desired temperature.