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Sensory books and toys are invaluable help in developing your baby’s senses and skills. What exactly is their function? What sensory books and toys should parents choose? In this post you will learn everything.

Sensory toys − what are they? Have you ever come across the name ‘sensory toys’? We guess so, because their popularity is constantly growing. There is nothing strange about it − these are objects that are used for playing, but also to develop your baby’s senses, stimulate their creativity and curiosity about the world. Sensory toys are designed to support the mental and physical development of a child by directly involving touch, smell, sight, hearing, and often taste. Sensory toys include many different options: plastic masses, musical instruments, specially designed books, mascots, puzzles and sensory cubes for children. Investing in them is recommended by specialists who see a clear relationship between the development of children and the toys they are surrounded with.

What distinguishes sensory toys?

Sensory toys are designed in such a way as to stimulate the child’s senses with appropriately selected colours, interesting textures, interesting details or sounds they make when touched. Engaging sight, hearing or touch while playing allows the child to obtain valuable information about the world around them, and at the same time develop motor skills, especially the fine ones (e.g. grasping with fingers). It’s hard to get bored with sensory toys. They inspire, fascinate, delight, and offer many possible applications that the child will be happy to discover on their own. Educational toy − Plush Bowling Pins BADGER EDMUND FRIENDS:

Sensory toys − which one to choose?

The ideal sensory toys for the youngest children are various types of stimulating teethers or books with pages made of various materials (for example, textured plastics or soft plush) that can be turned with fingers. An interesting example of this type of product is the educational toy − TITI THE TOUCAN hanging toy featuring not only on an interesting form, but also strong colour contrasts that are optimal for babies. Another example of an interesting toy for babies is a soft educational toy − WOODLAND, which supports the grasp reflex thanks to spatial elements with a different structure. Toys necessary for instance for travel include BALLERINA FANNY hanging toy, which can be also hung on a baby cot or pram.

Slightly older children, around the age of 2, can reach for sensory balls with various insets that will be useful when learning colours, or sound puzzles. Later, you can gradually introduce such solutions as, for example, kinetic sand or plastic masses that engage both eyesight and touch.

For older children, sensory toys, for example in the form of jigsaws or three-dimensional puzzles, will be a perfect solution. Their advantage is not only a positive impact on the child’s development, but also integration with peers or siblings − you can play sensory puzzles in a group!

Check out the entire collection! They not only provide the child with great entertainment, but also support their physical and mental development, influencing the work of all senses or the so-called fine motor skills.

The best mum’s bags

The right bag is one of the first things new mums reach for. It is indispensable even during short walks to the park or visits to friends, but it is especially useful during longer trips. What bag should I choose to be perfect for every occasion?

What to pay attention to when choosing a mum’s bag?

When choosing a mum’s bag, first of all, focus on what you need and what will be the most comfortable for you to use. The most important aspects that women talk about are:

The design of the bag is as important as its functionality

When choosing a bag, of course, in addition to functionality, it is also worth paying attention to its appearance. Many mothers choose those that match the colour of the pram. It is also a good idea to choose a universal model that will match both your styling and different colours of prams. A sensational model is, for example, the black COCO mum’s bag, which looks like a classic women’s handbag. Another but equally interesting model is BALANCE, which looks like.

Backpack − a convenient alternative to a traditional bag

Are you not a fan of bags? Choose a backpack! Currently, many mums decide to transport all their baby’s stuff in this way. Backpacks are convenient because you can carry them on your back or attach them to a pram, just like any bag. Additionally, they offer many interesting solutions. Most of them have, for example, a lot of compartments for nappies or mum’s personal belongings, as well as separate thermo pockets for the bottle. The hit of recent years is the OSLO STYLE backpack for mum, which includes a changing mat. Thanks to this, you can easily change your baby in every place.

Take care of your comfort, choose the perfect mum’s bag!

How to keep your baby safe while bathing?

A baby’s bath is always a challenge for parents. In its case, the key issues are not only hygiene, but most of all safety. How to prevent a child from slipping in the bathtub? In this mini-guide you will find the answers to these questions.

Bathing − the most important event at home with a small child

Every parent knows that a baby’s bath can involve all family members. It is not only a way to maintain hygiene, but above all a pleasant moment when you can stay with your child, surround them with love and provide them with a sense of security. And it is this aspect that often raises the most doubts and fears among parents, especially new ones. How to make sure that nothing dangerous happens while playing in the bathtub? Let’s check what solutions can be used!

Anti-slip mats − a must-have for parents

Your child is extremely lively and you are often afraid that they will get hurt while bathing or showering? Use special anti-slip mats that you can find in our shop. They are easy to install and have special suction cups that keep them in place. A large or small anti-slip mat will definitely work in your bathroom, especially since you can choose the right shade from several different variants (colourless, blue, pink and green). All mats available in our shop are made of hypoallergenic vinyl that is safe in contact with the baby’s skin. It is a material free of any potentially harmful substances, such as phthalates or heavy metals. An additional advantage that active parents will surely appreciate is the ease of keeping the anti-slip mat clean. You only need to rinse it with clean water after bathing and let it dry. The mat can be rolled up so that it does not take up much space, for example when travelling.

Bath washers perfect for your baby’s sensitive skin

When it comes to safety, it is also worth considering accessories for washing the delicate skin of a child. You absolutely shouldn’t risk here. They are made only of the best quality, hypoallergenic materials which do not cause allergies or irritations. The washcloths and sponges that we offer meet these criteria! The bamboo washcloth with a zebra motif will be your favourite support during evening bathing rituals. Thanks to the admixture of fluffy cotton, it is extremely soft and delicate to the touch. You can also choose a special baby sponge, designed for your child’s sensitive skin. It is available in three colour variants to choose from: blue, pink and green.

Bathing a baby can be just a pleasure. If you want it to be fast, pleasant and stress-free, choose clever bathing accessories from our offer. Anti-slip mats for a bathtub or a shower tray and cups for washing a small head are must-haves that are really worth trusting.