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Proper oral hygiene in children − what parents should know

Oral hygiene in children is a topic that keeps many parents awake at night. It is no secret that children do not pay much attention to the care activities in this area. How to encourage a child to brush their teeth? And how should this be done to achieve the expected result of the actions taken? In this article you will find answers to all your questions.

Take care of your baby’s oral cavity from the very first moments

An important piece of information is the fact that taking care of the child’s oral cavity should be initiated by the parents in the first months of a child’s life. It is very important that the mucosa and gums are cleaned daily, otherwise it may cause bacteria and viruses to multiply. It is best to do this in the evening, and always before going to bed. Interestingly, manufacturers of accessories for children have prepared various gadgets that make it easier to clean infants’ mouths. It is, for instance, a silicone finger brush. Just place it on your index finger and slide it over your baby’s gums, cheeks and tongue several times. It’s a great way to combine caring for your chilld’s mouth with fun

How to clean a child’s mouth?

It is worth remembering, however, that cleaning the mouth of such a small child should be a kind of ritual. The parent must, of course, take care of the hygiene of their hands, and only then can proceed to further activities. It is very helpful to use chamomile infusion or lukewarm water. Regardless of whether you decide to clean your child’s mouth with a gauze pad or a special accessory, it is worth soaking it beforehand to ensure a glide and proper cleaning of all spaces.

Teach your child about hygiene from an early age

The older the child is, the more they want to do this alone. It is worth showing them what brushing teeth is from an early age. First of all, it will be necessary to buy the right toothpaste and a toothbrush matching the age of your child. In shops you will find a wide selection of brushes that can be used from 6 months of age, and even those that can be used by infants. It is important to supervise the entire process and explain the phenomena to the child. First of all, your child needs to learn that toothpaste is only for brushing teeth, not for eating. As you know, many products of this type, prepared especially for children, have beautiful fragrances and sweet flavours. This often provokes children to eat the toothpaste. This can cause gastric problems if it happens too often, so make sure your child is aware that this is just a cleanser.

A good brush is the basis

It is also important that the cleaning tool itself is suitable for your child. A perfect solution is a safe toothbrush with a kind of stopper preventing it from being inserted too deep into the mouth. The child is often unaware that a toothbrush that is inserted too much may damage their throat, cause choking or trigger a gag reflex.

Don’t avoid dentists

Regular dental check-ups are also an extremely important topic. Many parents feel that their children don’t need to visit the dentist because their milk teeth will fall out anyway. This is a big mistake. The condition of milk teeth has a huge impact on what permanent teeth will look like. Importantly, the first visit should take place right after the eruption of the first milk tooth, and after 12 months of life at the latest. This is important because the examination and interview with parents are a determinant in predicting whether your child will develop tooth decay. It is also a good opportunity for caregivers to dispel all their doubts about oral hygiene, which toothbrushes are the best and which toothpastes to use. It is also preparing the toddler for visits to the dentist and making them aware that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Take care of your child’s oral hygiene and ensure their good health!

How to bathe a newborn with sensitive skin?

Many parents face the problem of sensitive skin in their children on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, for some children, rubbing too hard or a little cleansing lotion is enough

to develop redness and pustules. How to deal with bathing children

with sensitive skin?

Cosmetics in the care of a newborn

Let’s start with the basic issue, i.e. cosmetics. Most newborns don’t

require every bath to be done with body cleansing products. In

most cases it is enough to use a sponge or a washcloth dampened with water to remove

sweat or possible minor dirt. Newborns don’t run around, don’t touch a lot of things,

largely they only eat and sleep, so there is no need to ‘scrub’ their bodies each time while

bathing. From time to time, you can of course use cleansing cosmetics, but you have to

take care of some important issues. First, such products must be intended for

children with sensitive skin. Besides, it is necessary to check all certificates

proving that the cosmetic has been dermatologically tested and is safe for

newborns. Certainly, in the case of the youngest children

it is inadvisable to use all kinds of bathing balls or other bath additives which

kids love, but often feel their effects on the skin later.

Delicate sponges and washcloths

Another very important aspect for children with sensitive skin are accessories used for washing.

Some sponges or washcloths are too rough, which causes irritation on the body. In

the case of delicate skin, the best solution is a bamboo washcloth which is made of

very soft material. If you prefer to use sponges, choose the ones marked

as soft and delicate.

What towels to choose?

The way your baby’s skin looks after a bath is also influenced by the type of towel you use.

Starched, stiff towels are definitely not the best choice. Use

bathing covers made of bamboo that are gentle on the child’s body, do not

irritate or leave redness on their skin. Additionally, thanks to their interesting

form, you just need to wrap your baby in it and put a hood on their head, and all the water

awill be absorbed. So it is not necessary to rub the skin.

Correct water temperature

When it comes to baby’s sensitive skin, also remember that

incorrect water temperature can be bad for your child. It’s not just about your child’s comfort in the bath, though

this is of course a superior value, but also how the body will look right after bathing.

Therefore, get a decent water thermometer that will allow you to accurately assess

if the temperature is right for your baby. Importantly, many interesting models

are available on the market, e.g. the koala water thermometer, which can also be used

to attract the child’s attention during bathing.

Additional steps

Bathing is not the only moment that can have influence your

child’s skin. It is also important to use care products that

are suitable for sensitive skin. As in the case of cleansing cosmetics, also

in the case of creams, powders or wet wipes, be sure to check the composition and

any safety markings. As for the last product, i.e.

wet wipes, it is worth choosing those that have almost only water in them and

possibly a small amount of fruit extracts.

Individual differences between children

Of course, it’s worth remembering that every child is different and each can react completely

differently to various cosmetic products or fabrics. Therefore, the most important thing is to constantly

observe what is good for a newborn and what makes

redness or rashes appear on their skin. Only constant monitoring of the reaction after various treatments

will allow you to efficiently and accurately determine what care your child requires.

Take care of your child’s skin with favourite accessories available in our shop!

Why is bamboo a child-friendly raw material? Find out about its properties and application

The skin of babies is very susceptible to various types of irritation or dryness. Therefore, it is worth choosing not only cosmetics, but also fabrics that will be friendly to it. Bamboo products are one of those that are perfect for children’s sensitive skin. Why?

Bamboo is a dream fabric for children, because its structure is extremely delicate and gentle. No wonder that it is used in the production of clothes, blankets, nappies, bedding and swaddles for babies. What are the biggest advantages of bamboo fabric?

  1. First of all, it provides adequate thermoregulation, therefore it is suitable for use both on cold and hot days. During summer walks, bamboo fibres keep children’s skin at a temperature of about 2 degrees lower than that of the outside, which is a great property during 30-degree heat. In winter, bamboo blankets will warm your toddler up.
  2. The bamboo fabric is also very durable. This fabric can be repeatedly washed and ironed (although it is often unnecessary). Most importantly, however, despite frequent use and washing, it remains soft to the touch and extremely delicate. This is a huge plus of bamboo blankets or swaddles, to which children are very attached.
  3. An interesting aspect is also the fact that the bamboo fabric has antifungal and bactericidal properties, which means that the baby’s skin is provided with long-lasting freshness and healthy development conditions. In addition, even after many uses, blankets or nappies do not emit an unpleasant odour.
  4. Bamboo fabric is very absorbent, so it is often used in the production of reusable nappies, towels or bedding. Unlike cotton, it can absorb three times more moisture.
  5. Bamboo fibres come from plantations where no artificial fertilisers or other chemicals are used. So there are no pesticides or fertilisers in them that could harm your child during use. This is particularly important information.

Bamboo products worth having

What bamboo products should you have in a baby layette? A bamboo knitted blanket will certainly be useful, and even a few of them so that they can be washed and used alternately. Coverings of this type are perfect both indoors and outdoors, at any time of the year, because they adapt to the needs of your child. They cool when they are meant to cool, and keep your child warm when temperatures are slightly lower. Another useful gadget are bamboo swaddles. Often these types of products become inseparable companions of children. Therefore, it is worth getting those that are made of delicate, soft and, above all, durable fabrics. Every experienced parent knows how difficult it is to convince a child to a new swaddle when the beloved one is destroyed. It is also good to buy a few bamboo nappies (for example organic bamboo nappies) and bamboo bathing covers. As we wrote earlier, bamboo fabric is highly absorbent, so it is the best option when it comes to quickly drying your baby after a bath.

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